Studies and projects
At Jardins Arnau we give shape to nature,
designing gardens in any setting,
whether rural, urban, coastal…

At Jardins Arnau we build made-to-measure
gardens, leaving the entire construction
process in the capable hands of…

Green areas: Aware of the importance
of enjoying a garden in perfect
condition all year round, at…

Watergin systems
Achieving a garden in good condition
will also largely depend on a good
watering system that covers…

Pruning of trees and palm trees:
We have a highly qualified team
to prune palm trees and…

Phytosanitary control
At Jardins Arnau we help you keep
your garden in good condition,
with staff qualified in phytosanitary…

Pool maintenance
At Jardins Arnau we maintain your swimming
pool all year round so you can enjoy it with
complete confidence and safety when
you’re on holiday.

Property cleaning and maintenance service
At Jardins Arnau we offer a complete
cleaning service for inside and
outside residential properties.