• Green areas: Aware of the importance of enjoying a garden in perfect condition all year round, at Jardins Arnau we draw up a schedule of maintenance tasks in line with each season. We have a team of qualified staff and all the technical means necessary to undertake maintenance work on both private and public landscaped areas.
  • Tree-covered areas: We prune the trees to keep them in good condition.
  • Raised gardening We carry out maintenance tasks on all kinds of landscaped façades and hanging plant pots.
  • Shrubs: We perform maintenance on shrubs to foster their optimal development.
  • Watering system: We take care of the watering system to prevent any problems from arising.
  • Phytosanitary measures: To achieve a garden that is in perfect condition, controlling its state of health is essential.

Jardins Arnau

Landscaping and garden design in Begur
(Costa Brava)
Ctra C-31 de Regencós a Pals Km. 338
17214 Regencós
Girona (España)
Tel. 972 623 038